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The Tyrant for APK

Category: APK Games
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Production year: 2017
Last modification: 2021/02/28
Language of the game: English
Version: 0.9.4.Eng
System requirements: OS: Android; RAM: 1GB; HDD: 3Gb
Aviable to
You're coming home after a year away.
It was your last year of school, you need to find a job.
After you return home, you notice that some things have changed a lot.
Your mother, stepfather, and two sisters (one younger, one older) live at home.
The stepfather has always been a good man, and you and your family have accepted him as a real father.
The player can choose who he will have an affair with if he wants to start an affair with a family member,
get a "normal" girlfriend, and so on.