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Pact with a Witch for APK

Category: APK Games
2 847
Production year: 2017
Language of the game: English
Version: 0.14.06
System requirements: Android 4.1+, 1GB+ RAM
Aviable to
A visual novel with a rare kind of drawing for this genre, as well as an interesting storyline,
which contains not only choices but also explicit content.

The main character is a college student who has bad luck with his roommate.
The unpleasant type attacks and tries to abuse the girl. The main character knocks out the villain, and the young lady also bites him on the arm.

And now, with each passing day, the abuser becomes more and more like... the girl.
Our ward, being an extremely good guy, decides to save him and makes a pact with the one who cursed the poor guy,
which leads to the most unpredictable consequences.

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