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Android Abigail

Category: APK Games
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Production year: 2011
Last modification: 2012/01/19
Language of the game: English
Version: 1.30 (2012/01/19)
System requirements: Android2.2+; HDD 10 MB; Adobe Air;
Aviable to
Drag Abbi's skirt from the bottom up and peep at her panties!
Get her skirt all the way up to MAX out the peep meter to see her entire luscious hips.

Find the "hit area" below her waist and give that skirt a lift.

Starts with 2 types of panties, but clear challenges to unlock more.
Includes hidden items (click on the star) and Abby's pleasure meter (max it for a feeling monitor).

Installation procedure:
1)Transfer to the phone
3)Install Adobe Air