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Category: APK Games
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Production year: 2019
Last modification: 2021/05/19
Language of the game: English
Version: 12a Eng + Theodoras Lie Ep. 1-3 Eng
System requirements: OS: Android, HDD: 3,97 GB
Aviable to
This game is a harem simulator. You, a young and rich college student, versus 7 gorgeous girls with unique stories and personalities. This narrative is not just about sex, but also about romance and love fantasies. Immerse yourself in the story to learn more about the girls and enjoy the formation of your harem.

Patreon Codes V12a:
password_for_10 = "44821"
password_for_20 = "95606"

Credit to Cartageno for the instructions.

1) Visit the girl (click on the house they live in and select "Search for XXX" in her room)
2) Go to "Change Background"
3) Choose one of the locked ones
4) Game will ask you for the code - enter it