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Life with VR Maid

Category: APK Games
3 010
Production year: 2020
Language of the game: English, Japanese
Version: 1.1
System requirements: OS Android; Meta Quest 2/Pro/3; HDD 400MB
Aviable to
You play the main character who is hopelessly in love with his beautiful young maid. The maid considers you as her sweet friend and will never think of you in a romantic way. Determined to change her mind, you embark on a journey to convince her that you are a real man worthy of her treasure.

You can hold your maid by the waist to give her a push. Alternatively, you can trust the maid to do it and just enjoy the performance. Arms, legs and hips can be set separately so you can perfectly align everything to your body position.

When a box is displayed in the menu, a box is displayed to serve as a prompt, so you can easily customize the desired position.
Boxes for hands, elbows, knees, heels, hips, thighs and maids are displayed.
Pick up this box to take action.
If you move your waist, the maid will react to your movements!

The scene ends with lots of bukkake. Don't hold back with the cum, there's plenty to do here.